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Free Online Art & Art History Courses

Free Online Art & Art History Courses.

List of free online Art & Art History Courses and classes from top Colleges, Schools and Universities.

The list comes complete with direct links, course names and descriptions. The list includes courses from universities like UC Berkeley, Yale, Oxford University and many more.


Art & Art History – Free Online Courses.

Art & Art History – Free Online Courses – Older Classes.

Helen Langdon’s ‘Caravaggio’ – Open University. An analysis of the biography Helen Langdon wrote about the artist Caravaggio. The course also explores biographical monograph in art history. Course can be completed in 20 hours.

Modern Art and Mass Culture – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Intro to modern art and modern art theories. Course examines the relationship between modern art and art culture by looking at a variety of visual art objects.

Goya – Open University. An overview of Goya’s career. Students study the artist’s work and influences. Course length is approximately five hours.

Delacroix – Open University. Intro to Delacroix’s work. Students study the artist’s paintings and contributions to the period. 16-hour course for introductory-level students.

Napoleonic Paintings – Open University. A study of French paintings. Course emphasis is on Napoleonic painting. 16 hour, intermediate level course.

Art and Technology – Capilano University. An examination of the relationship between art and technology. Students learn about digital technologies and other emerging technologies.

More Free Online Art Courses.

Annenberg Learner – Free Online Art Classes.

Art of the Western World

Art Studio Chalkboard – Free Online Art Classes.



Figure-Drawing Lab – Free Online Art Classes.

Figure-Drawing Lab

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Free Online Art Classes.

Art of Color

Art Since 1940

Composing Your Life: Exploration of Self Through Visual Arts and Writing

Modern Art and Mass Culture

Open University – Free Online Art Classes.

Art in Renaissance Venice

Making Sense of Art History

Musée du Louvre

Napoleonic Paintings

University of Oxford – Free Online Art Classes.

The Elements of Drawing

Through Ruskin’s Eyes

-List of free online Art & Art History Courses and classes-

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