Top 25+ Torrent Download Sites.

These are, currently, the best places to download digital content on the net.

If you aren’t on Netflix, and are still watching your favorite TV shows without any interruptions or censorship, then you probably know what a torrent is! Everything from music, movies, video clips, MP3 files, eBooks and audio files are available as torrent downloads. Here’s a list of the Top 25 torrent sites. It started as a Top 10 list, but we have expanded it.

Please note, that downloading copyrighted material is illegal in many countries, so the top torrent sites often get shut down by authorities, but the site owners quickly respond by moving the site to another domain. For example, recently moved to So, if you cannot find the torrent site that you are looking for, then do a quick google or bing search for “Kickass”, for example, and you will find the newest domain name. Also, be aware that there are “fake” site impersonators out there, so if a site immediately asks you to download a file, then you should be suspicious.

Finally, if you cannot access a website, then it might be blocked by your Internet Service Provider. Experienced “Torrenters” get around this by using proxys.

We have listed the various torrenting sites after popularity, as measured by Alexa visitor numbers. Alexa numbers are usually delayed by a couple of months.


We do not recommend downloading via torrents, as often the files are copyrighted or the files are infected with vira.

Support your favourite movies, Tv shows, bands and games by buying and paying for the content. This ensures, that new and exciting movies and games will be developed in the future.

Top 25 Torrent Download Sites. – Kickass. Alexa rank: 74.

This website uses the Bit Torrent protocol to share files. It has a user friendly interface, is available in 30 languages and provides only a directory of the torrent files and not content. Alexa rank: 197.

It has no torrent directory and is not a tracker. Its user friendly interface and minimalistic design have made it quite popular among the netizens.

The Pirate Bay, Alexa rank: 359.

It has an online index of content; users can upload magnets links and torrents files.  The servers support the SSL encryption.

Extra torrent, Alexa rank: 447.

It has an advance search feature that helps in narrowing your search and finding specific torrents. This site does not need registration. Alexa rank: 865.

The pros of this site are
Huge database of (HD) Hollywood movies. Virus free movies. High quality torrent magnet links., Alexa rank 823

This site allows file sharing, games, movies,music, software and eBooks. You don’t need to register to download files. Users can’t upload any torrents or magnet links in this site.

EZTV, Alexa Rank 1272

A site exclusively for TV programs with more than one magnet link for every TV program. The site though recommends that the users use VPN which will make you anonymous and your online activity can’t be tracked. Alexa rank: 2232

It is one of the fastest growing torrent sites for games and software., Alex rank 3652

It has the most advanced Bit torrent, the best PandP torrent search engine and the best Virtual Private Network services.

Torrentdownloads, Alexa rank  3928

Its home page is organized into TV, Mp3,movies, music, eBooks and games., Alexa rank 3773

This is one of the oldest sites online for downloading torrents.

Torrent Funk, Alexa rank 3714

A great site with over 2,328,778 verified torrents present and 1892 torrents added daily. You can upload torrent files.

Your bittorrent, Alexa rank 3851

This torrent experiences a total of 3K torrents uploads every day.

Bitsnoop, Alexa rank  5406

It is an intelligent and safe torrent search engine that can track URLS and DNS aliases. Magnet links are generated by tracker match technology; Bitsnoop data crunching box and indexer backend both run on Dual 4 core Xeons 2.33 GHz with 32GB RAM and SAS disks in RAID10., Alexa rank 4308

There are number of filters and categories to smoothen your search process. To use this torrent you need torrent tracker software., Alexa rank 3342

It is a free torrent directory search engine which provides multi tracker index facility., Alexa rank 3666

This is blocked in several countries. It has a whopping torrents number of 9,945,156.

Gamestorrents, Alexa rank 4936

This is exclusively for games.

Sumotorrents. Alexa Rank 5000

Fast and reliable.

Torrentreactor Alexa rank 7473

It is reliable as seen from the 431,399 US visitors.

Demonoid. Alexa rank 8556


Other notables sites:

Rutracker is in top five based on the number of visitors, but is in Russian, not English., provides faster download. Here you will find only verified files. It allows you to upload and download files easily.


Screenshot from Kickass Torrents. Kiskass is currently the most popular torrent website on the web.

The Most Popular Torrent Sites on the Internet 2016-2017-

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